Diesel Repairs and Service

Diesel Repairs and Service

AutoTek has over 30 years of diesel repair and service experience!

Large or small, we are knowledgeable in all diesel engine systems and accessories.

AutoTek has the trained technicians and the repair data at hand to make sure your diesel engine is ready to work when you are! Using only the highest quality replacement parts, we take pride in our work because we know our reputation is critical to our success. Please let us know how we’re doing! Feel free to call or stop by at any time and let us know how you feel about the services we’ve done for you. Even though you may first find us as a new customer, we hope you’ll drive away satisfied and happy to refer us to your friends!

Diesel Engine Technology

Diesel engines have been around for a very, very long time. First created in 1892, the diesel engine soon found its way into ships, submarines, tractors and then trucks. Modern diesels can be as small as 1 liter in displacement, to as large as the 109,000-horsepower Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C container ship engine, which first set sail in the Emma Mærsk in 2006. It weighs in at a rotund 2,300 tons, and it's 44-feet tall and 90-feet long.

While we won’t be working on any ship engines here, the principles of diesel engine operation are the same. They require clean fuel, plenty of air and high compression to operate efficiently. They’re extremely durable when maintained correctly, and can produce an astonishing amount of torque at low RPMs. Even though they require robust construction (leading to more weight) they can overcome this disadvantage with the use of a “power-adder” such as turbocharging.

The best way to care for your diesel SUV, van or truck is to have a regular maintenance schedule, and AutoTek is here to be your service partner! Our friendly staff and highly trained technicians will make your service experience quick and easy. Come in and let’s talk about keeping your vehicle safe and always ready for that trip down the road!