ASE Automotive Service Excellence

AutoTek Auto Repair

AutoTek was founded in by David and Gary. As your longstanding auto repair shop in Minneapolis, KS, we take pride in the quality of our work and service. We use dependable parts, efficient techniques, in-depth diagnostics systems and decades of expertise to provide unparalleled service at unbeatable prices. We’ve remained one of the leading auto repair shops in Minneapolis Kansas by continuing to provide the following for our customers’ lasting satisfaction:

  • Low prices: Our customers consistently rank us highly for providing quality parts at genuinely affordable prices.
  • Committed service: Our trained technicians have been with our family of shops for years, for years and provide quality service to every customer through our company.
  • Comprehensive service: We are proud to service and repair all makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs, including tricky older or foreign models.
  • Genuine customer service: Aside from our top-quality work, what keeps our loyal customers coming back is our genuine commitment to true customer service. Our staff and technicians treat everyone with a friendly attitude and we provide a clean and relaxing waiting room while your car is in the shop.

Customer satisfaction

You can feel confident that our Auto Repair facilities are reliable and trustworthy:

  • Customers are provided with a written estimate of the cost of all work to be performed
  • Benefit from our manufacturers' and extended WARRANTIES!
  • Same-day estimates are available.
  • Replaced parts are returned to customers, upon request