Headlights are your “eyes” when darkness falls. Usually, their operation is fairly straightforward: You pull or twist a switch, and they turn on. More and more, vehicles are incorporating automatic headlamp systems, which use a light sensor to determine when it is dark enough for the lamps to come on. In these systems, there are a few more electrical components that may be subject to eventual failure.

Modern headlamp systems

On modern headlamp systems, there may be a choice of types of the actual lamps that light up the night. Premium luxury vehicles (and other vehicles that included this option) use “HID”, or high-intensity discharge lamps. These lamps throw much more light than standard headlamps and sometimes have a whiter or bluer tint to the light. If you have these lamps, there are additional electronic devices that produce the voltage necessary to create this bright light that may need attention over time.

Outside your vehicle, a plastic cover or lens sits just in front of the lamps. These covers can get damaged, dirty, or can sometimes accumulate haze over them. It’s important to make sure these lenses are clean and clear and without cracks so you get all the available light from your lamps. While not easy to clean, these lenses can be cleared and protected using some available aftermarket products. However, if they’ve been neglected for too long, replacement may be required.

We won’t keep you in the dark!

If you’re having any kind of headlamp issue, come in right away. Your problem may be just a simple lamp failure, or it could be a sign of other, larger problems with your electrical system. We’ll inspect your vehicle lighting system completely and advise you of any needed repairs. We won’t keep you in the dark! Get your system checked out and brought into top condition, and you’ll see the light!

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