Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

Your “Check Engine Light” is simply a warning light that has received information from a sensor connected to your vehicle’s ECM, or “engine control module”. It can be an indicator of needed maintenance, or it could also be warning you of a major component failure.

Each sensor connected to the ECM will register a code within the ECM that tells technicians the nature of the item needing service or replacement. While reading these codes is a fairly simple operation, it requires very expensive equipment, and many years of experience to understand exactly what is causing the trouble code to appear.

Serious and expensive damage

If the faulty part or system is bad enough to cause serious and expensive damage, the ECM will sometimes put the car in a “self-preservation” mode, limiting power and possibly activating other alarms. If this happens to your vehicle, you MUST get it inspected immediately to avoid serious damage.

Don't ignore the problem...make a reservation with us

This doesn’t mean you can ignore other, less serious engine light episodes. Very often, a sensor will pick up a minor issue just before it becomes a major issue, so it’s always best to heed the light when it illuminates.

The best advice is this…when your vehicle says “Check, please”, it’s definitely time to make a reservation…with us!

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